Online Panels

TAP the lived experience and everyday realities of your target markets via our online ethnographic panels.

  • We select a key segment whose lived experience our client wants to tap.
  • We recruit a sample of up to 50 Prosumers into an online panel.
  • These are further separated into several online groups of 6-10 people that we call Digital Sharing Communities.
  • The online panel can be live for up to 12 months.


We engage with the panel in many different ways:

  • Ask them to share aspects of their everyday lives via mobile uploads, such as photos, videos and screens saves of social media interactions.
  • Ask them to share content that they consume, including links to blogs, websites and advertising with which they are regularly engaging.
  • Set them tasks, including using deprivation and inflation techniques to explore the role of specific products, services and brands.
  • Make real-time inquiries into what is driving behaviour via instant messaging.
  • Conduct non-linear group discussions to explore shared experiences and perceptions.
  • Conduct Skype in-depth interviews to probe individual experiences and perceptions more deeply.
  • Conduct small-scale panel surveys to establish likes/dislikes and behavioural preferences.

TAP is an extremely cost-effective way to engage and explore the lived experiences of key market segments over an extended period of time or a small window of time.


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