Future Research

Anthropate is our unique 360° research design that enables us to penetrate deeper into the lived experience of users and consumers already living in the conditions of the future.

In a nutshell, we explore and bring-to-life the anthropological, psychological and cultural realities of people and groups whom we identify as representing key markets of the future based on a thorough audit of existing trends data.

Our rich documentary film format is embedded with cogent insight into what makes future consumers tick. The insights lay the foundation for long-term marketing strategy, planning, innovation, new product and service development.


  1. Searching for Blue Sky – Challenge stale thinking; Explore new opportunities.
  2. Ready to Leap – Conduct a market check on a new strategy; Refine strategy for launch.
  3. Getting Ready for the Future – Understand what will change about how consumers relate to the category and your brand.


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