In an age when seeing is believing, video not only killed the radio star, but also the PowerPoint presentation.

Facts –

  • Research clients now expect a high level of consumer intimacy and storytelling in every presentation.
  • Research videos and documentary films have become a standard means to engage insight-strategy audiences in the real worlds and imaginations of target groups and communities.
  • Our Filmmaking department enables us to bring the user or consumer to life and into the corporate boardroom with a high degree of professionalism and creativity.

Our three areas of expertise include – 1) Videography, 2) Video Editing, 3) Documentaries

  • We are masters of observational filmmaking who bring a researcher’s brain to a cinematographer’s technique.
  • We are expert editors who can turn something as basic as focus group recordings into a punchy and engaging output.
  • We are trained storytellers who can weave together trace evidence footage with other visual and audio material to create standalone documentary films.


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