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Real World Research

Focus groups and stats only tell part of the story –

Most qualitative research is conducted in artificial environments, like focus groups and online forums. Our expertise in ethnography enables us to engage people in natural contexts where they lead the research, not the researcher. The result is fresh, undiluted insights that cut deep into peoples’ lived experiences.


How many more PowerPoint presentations can you take! Whether you are giving them or receiving them, they all start to merge into one. We stop listening and then we stop learning. Everything changes when you hear it (and see it) from someone different – from the person who is your key market.


Segmentation data involves reams of data, statistics and graphs. At the core of these numbers are real people whose lives and experiences embody the crucial strategic findings that need to be communicated. We locate these people and produce rich and compelling insight documentaries about them to make your segmentation findings live and breathe for everyone, not just the experts.


Ask yourself, what is the true value of my role? Is it to impress others with sheer volume of work? Or, is it actually being able to change perceptions and attitudes, motivate, energise and provide the catalyst for new ideas and solutions? Our illumination films, animations and documentaries are not only rich with insight – they inspire people across businesses and provide overwhelming evidence for change.


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