Our Approach

The modern qualitative research professional can no longer rely on a stock trade of focus groups and in-depth interviews to deliver fresh and credible insight. Industry now demands hybrid qualitative experts that harness a range of skills, experience and knowledge across disciplines and platforms.

Design-inspired techniques, video storytelling, online forums, netnography, semiotic analysis, in combination with traditional qualitative approaches, are now the cost-of-entry into the field.

At RealEthno we cover all qualitative bases by adapting new approaches into our repertoire, but also maintaining traditional approaches and philosophies.

  • Our core conviction is the idea of empathetic engagement with users and consumers leading to co-insight and understanding.
  • Our background in participatory research methods enables us to develop a deep rapport with people in any setting, be it group room, real world or online.
  • In doing so, we achieve deeper truths in relation to perceptions, attitudes and lived experiences.

Tools and Methods

At RealEthno we have developed a range of qualitative insight technologies that are rigorous, innovative, tried and tested.

  • Anthropate – Our holistic research design that we use to explore the fantasies and realities of consumers living in the conditions of the future.
  • Tap – Our real-time digital sharing communities that enable us to access the lived experience of consumer groups over the longitudinal.
  • TrendsFilter – Our way of distilling existing trends data into meaningful stories and identifying key macro trajectories with future market implications.
  • brandDiagnostic – Our social-psychological diagnostic sessions that unlock deeper drivers and triggers to aspects of consumption.
  • Real-ethno – Our filmed anthropological sessions using ethnographic techniques to explore consumer real worlds and lived experience.
  • leapMatrix – Our co-creative workshop tool enabling us to identify key leverage points, strategic opportunities and innovation pathways.


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