Our Clients

An Agency Companion

At RealEthno we pride ourselves on being a companion to other research, strategy and design agencies, independent consultants, marketing and brand specialists.


Our experience enables us to work across many different areas, including government, corporate and not-for-profit sectors. The list of projects that we have worked on is vast and diverse as a result of working in a subcontractor capacity for so many companies and individuals for more than a decade.

Where possible RealEthno likes to develop strong ongoing client relationships that are mutually beneficial. We are flexible and highly adaptive to the needs of all our clients and can fulfil a variety of roles and functions, as well as offering specialised services.

Our roles include:

  • Take a full qualitative brief, design and implement all aspects of the research from beginning to end, including screener, recruitment, fieldwork, analysis and presentation of findings.
  • Perform a mentoring role, including training and enabling others to carry out the research, whether it be real world or online.
  • Play a qualitative support role, including moderating focus groups, in-depths, online forums or filmed immersions, or simply analyzing existing qualitative data and providing a report.
  • Partner with other market and social researchers or independent consultants to pitch for competitive briefs especially when seeking to bolster their credentials.
  • Deliver specific services, including videography, video editing and documentary films.


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